#2 No Reading at the Casino

I’m in Singapore for four days with my mum and 2 sisters over a long Christmas weekend but my trip so far hasn’t been all happy and Christmassy with twinkly lights and countdowns like you would imagine. Why? Because mum wants to go to the casino all day err-day!! And she doesn’t feel comfortable being alone there so we end up having to mumsit her.

So much of the past two days have been spent killing time while my mum inserts bills after bills into the electronic roulette machine.

Yesterday evening we walked around the harbor front area because my mum was at the casino near Sentosa Island, which was incidentally where the Peace Boat docked on 8/31, not even four months ago!


Look, there’s even a Star Cruise Gemini ship docked there, pretending to be Peace Boat.

Today we are at the casino at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I am literally typing and uploading this from the casino wifi.

I wanted to read my book at a corner near my mum and my sister told me not to do that because mum would flip out. I’m like why? Because 書 (‘book’ in Chinese) has the same pronunciation ‘shu’ as 輸 (‘to lose’ in Chinese) so it isn’t auspicious. I laughed so hard but then I realised she was serious. If I were to read a book there inside the casino, I think not just my mum, other aunties and uncles will most probably chase me away.


At least the surrounding areas of these casinos are nice and walkable. Too bad the Gardens by the Bay was so crowded though. Hopefully Monday!


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