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#9 What is infected?

This post is the first post under the category named ‘Things that happen in French class’. Because tons of funny shit happen in French class.

We were at French Vocab class and this time we’re discussing “les cinq sens” i.e. the five senses. As we’re in France, of course we need plenty of vocabulary to discuss the quality of our meals: Does it taste good? Does it taste bad? Then there was a small exercise for us to come up with dishes that make us go ‘C’est bon!’ or ‘C’est mal!’.

As one can imagine, recalling delicious dishes is easy (pizza, ramen, a banana, etc.). Then we came upon the phrase “C’est infecte” which literally looks like ‘It’s infected’ but actually means ‘It’s revolting’. After a minute of silence:

Prof: Nothing? You guys like everything?
Us: No……
Prof: Then what? What is ‘infecte’ for you?
Us: … hmm…
Prof: Let’s see, do you like eating fish’s head??
Chinese students / Japanese students: Yessssss (in reality, ‘WEEEEE’ as in ‘Oui’)
Prof: Do you eat like, the head of a pig??
Chinese students: WEEEE
Prof: Chicken head?
Chinese students: WEEEE
Prof: What about like the leg of a pig?? It’s so smelly!
Chinese students (and me): WEEEEE
Prof: What about the feet of a duck??
Chinese students: WEEEEE
A Chinese young man next to me: Yes! That’s totally the local delicacy of my hometown! Hawhawhaw

Which brings to mind a joke from le bf’s sister:
Q: What is something that has four legs but is not eaten by the Chinese?
A: A table.


One thought on “#9 What is infected?

  1. And you forgot this one : What is something that has two wings but is not eaten by rhe Chinese ? A: A plane.
    Ok, end of the bad jokes. And it was about Shandong region inhabitants, not Chinese people in general. ^^

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