#22 Reminiscing PB88: Dubai (Port 4)

*6 months later and I’m only at Port 4!! #procrastinator

Assalamualaikum! (Hello in Arabic)

  • Date: 2015/9/12-9/13
  • Port Name: Dubai
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • First time there?: Yes!
  • What did I do?:
    1st day – explored the city in the morning, interpreting for a desert safari tour in the afternoon.
    2nd day – walked around the souqs (markets) with Yen Wei and Meg!

What I learned / remember about Dubai:

Sandstorms in Dubai are very comman. And on the day of our visit, it actually rained and even though that could have hampered our tour activities (driving in the desert) the tour guide made us feel special because we brought the rain with us.

This massive city is so new; everything appeared within the past 20-30 years all built from oil money as well as money made from Emirates Airlines, YW(whom I visited)’s former employer. The large-scale skyscrapers were impressive but a little bit too overwhelming for me. Especially with the heat (although the insides of buildings were powerfully air-conditioned) and the cars and the sand and the eerie pristine-ness and new-ness, I didn’t feel at ease at all. Some parts of the city strangely reminded me Sunway Pyramid lol.

The only mode of transportation I took was the taxi, which kudos to them were inexpensive and safe, but if you didn’t know already, my stand on the automobile is one that could be described as a love-hate relationship. Oh, and I think all of the taxi drivers who drove me were Pakistani. And one friendly man even showed me a picture of his family waiting for him at home. It was sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.


Although, the Burj-Khalifa was effing awe-inspiring. 828m!!! Bucket list half-checked – The area directly below it was under construction so I didn’t get to look up at it from as close as I’ld liked and also I didn’t get to see it at night.


Just a 15 minutes’ drive from the city, we reach the highway flanked by nothing but sand. Check out the ominous clouds. Our desert safari tour went well although I remember getting stuck on some words like animal names and random desert vegetation.


All in all, I mostly had to テンションを高くする (get everyone excited) as it was a 4WD driven across the desert, speeding up at slopes and dips like a roller coaster. Then for dinner we stopped at this huge outdoor venue with restaurants, camel rides, henna booths, shisha and a large floor for a belly dancing performance in the middle. Oh gosh, I miss Middle-eastern food.Can’t say I’ve had hummus since that night!!


The second day was free-and-easy so I spent it with YW!! This is us taking the Abra boat to cross the river after visiting the souk. What did I buy? Oh yeah, perfume bottles and a tile with Middle-eastern motives for Teng.


  • Postcard back home:


  • Postcard to le bf:image

Yes, CAMELS ARE SO CUTE!! But the whole of Peace Boat was prohibited from touching them or worse, going on a camel ride, because of the fear of diseases and of spreading it to everyone else on board.


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