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#23 Le Moucherotte

More hiking! Because this is what you do in Grenoble when sumer’s here: Climb different mountains every weekend to look at the city from different angles.

So previously I have climbed the Chartreuse, which is behind my house in the north. This time, we went to the Vercors mountain range on the left side of the city to look at it from the West! This is my first time setting foot on these mountains; none of my previous ski trips were on this mountain range.

9:55 Left the main Grenoble bus station on the TransIsere Bus 5010
10:25 Got off at Pariset Station
12:30 Lunch at (what remained of) the ’68 Winter Olympics Ski Ramp
14:45 Reached the peak of 1901m
15:30 Start of descent
18:10 Pariset Station
18:40 Milkshake at Mcdonald’s
19:00 Home

Total Hike Time from Pariset Station: 4.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down


Interesting Checkpoint #1: Les Trois Pucelles (The Three Virgins)
Legend has it that three virgins were in love with a man, but the man died and the three girls wouldn’t stop crying that they turned into three huge rocks, lol.



Interesting Checkpoint #2: Ruins of the ’68 Winter Olympics Alpine Ski Ramp


It was hard for me to imagine what was what, but I think the part in the middle lined with lampposts was the track, the structure on the left was the judges’ booth, and the one on the right was the audiences’ stand. So I googled it and found this picture:



Pretty cool! And look, the skiers had to carry their own skis up the stairs to the top of the piste. These are the stairs today:

Which picture’s going up and which is going down?


Interesting Checkpoint #3: The peak, and where Le Moucherotte Hotel used to be

There used to be a famous hotel up here in the 60s only accessible by cable car and people could ski into town in winter! But all of has been demolished so what’s left is a huge patch of empty land on the top of the mountain where dandelions and other mountain flowers grow.

View of the mountain ridges continuing into the south


View of the city to the northeast. And we can see the Fort of St. Eynard on Chartreuse below us in the middle of the picture!


Flowers and Birds:


These three ravens were being friendly to us because they wanted our food. Luckily for them, I had some over-ripe parts on my apple so I threw some at them and they so effortlessly flew around us to pick up the pieces. We contemplated to throw the apple core right off the cliff to see if they would dive headfirst to catch it but we didn’t because that seemed a bit mean lol.

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