#35 Reminiscing PB88: Birthday in Kusadasi (Port 7)

What is Peace Boat?

Merhaba! (Hello in Turkish)

  • Date: 2015/9/27
  • Port Name: Kusadasi
  • Country: Turkey
  • First time there?: Yes!
  • What did I do?: Free day! But both roomie and I were sick so we decided to just take a leisurely stroll around the port, including an impromptu visit to the hair salon for a cheap haircut. I can’t remember how much it cost (maybe 5€?) but it was definitely a fraction of the price for a haircut on the boat.

So all of us CCs (interpreters) got a day off and while most of my colleagues took the opportunity to head to Ephesus by bus to see the ancient ruins, I didn’t have the energy to do that because I got sick from the tomato balls I had the day before at the previous port, Santorini. As Lucia was sick, too, we decided to just have a chill day near the port.

Upon getting off the boat, we were greeted by a massive luxury cruise ship. It’s like three times larger than the Peace Boat, dwarfing it in terms of size and opulence. But I bet it can’t go through the canals!!


Here’s us at a cafe beside the port (pre-haircut). When the waiter heard that it was my birthday, he gave us a free slice of cake! 🙂 I remember I enjoyed it despite the risk of it further deteriorating my already sensitive digestive system lol.


And across the bay (Aegean Sea) we could see the Güvercinada Castle. According to Wikipedia, it dates back to 1242, but the castle was built in the 16th century. You can’t see it from this picture, but it’s actually an island with the fortifications following the perimeter of the island and connected to the mainland by a causeway. It was supposedly built to defend against attacks from the Greeks.


It was so close but we didn’t visit it lol. Weak stomachs… no energy to walk…  Can’t get too far from a toilet… This is one of the stressful aspects of working on Peace Boat, out of the 3.5 months, you can count on getting sick at least once. I think none of my team members were healthy the whole voyage, each of us would’ve gotten sick at least once.

At the town center (post-haircut). Quite touristy and I remember seeing some people selling those sticky Turkish ice creams… and not much other memories, to be honest. It was just a nice day hanging out with L and bumping in to colleagues and other participants.


Postcard back home & for le bf (here you can see the Güvercinada Castle island more properly):


Next port: Piraeus, Greece!


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