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#37 Reminiscing PB88: Piraeus (Port 8)

What is Peace Boat?

(Oh gosh I have more or less 3 weeks to finish the rest of the ports before I embark on my second voyage, the 93rd! This time I’ll be doing mostly Chinese-Japanese interpreting)

Yassou! (Hello in Greek)

  • Date: 2015/9/28
  • Port Name: Piraeus
  • Country: Greece
  • First time there?: Yes!
  • What did I do?: Interpreted for a tour to sanctuary for alternative, communal living with practices like cooking and eating natural foods, thai massage, yoga, and meditation. I CHOSE IT AS MY FIRST PREFERENCE for this port and my boss gave it to me as a ‘belated birthday present’ :DDDD Love you Matt ❤

The place we went to is called Sunshine House and it was about 1 hour away by bus from the port, so on the way to the house our guide for the day shared her life story and how she ended up working in this retreat house that promotes an alternative lifestyle centred around yoga, thai massage, local food, holistic well being, etc. You can pay for courses but I also remember meeting some international volunteers who were there for different periods of time, probably working in exchange for accommodation.

I had to interpret for a cooking session, then later a session making infusion oil. We had this feast of wholesome Greek food↓. Too bad we didn’t get the written recipes but I remember everything was doused with olive oil then put in the oven. I had to repeat that over and over for almost all the savoury dishes haha.

Greek salad!!



Greek dip


Greek yogurt for dessert!


This was what it looked like after everything came out from the oven.


This was what I had. Roasted pumpkin, roasted brinjal, some rice, roasted fish, Greek salad, Greek dip. OMG YUM. I miss it. And we even got to bring the clay bowl home.


This is what the compound looked like. My photography skills suck but you can see hammocks and a huge trampoline on the right. There was also an area for growing herbs, lemon trees and orange trees. In another building, they were having a yoga session and I was supposed to switch with my colleague after interpreting for one cooking session but as my Japanese was better I was told to literally “stay in the kitchen” to continue interpreting lol. Argh.


Postcard back home:
I chose these because although I was near Athens, I couldn’t go see the Acropolis so I thought I didn’t deserve to send a more typical postcard with pictures of the Parthenon.


Postcard for le bf:


Next port: Venice!

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