#44 Dogs in France are so doggy

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about living in France and something that is hands-down better in France compared to Tokyo and KL, is the dogginess of the dogs here. Never have I seen this many varieties of dogs, and these are real dogs in their element, just casually walking in the streets, barking in the farms, swimming in the ponds, etc. French people really have got it right in the doggy aspect.

(But on the flip side, you get lots of dog poo on the streets.)

Here are symmetrical good boyes at a kampung called La Motte d’Aveillans one sunny Sunday. Here they are barking at us but we couldn’t hear them.


A black burly dog coming over to us because we were feeding bread to the swans at Lake Annecy. So curious and such a good boye. Also look at the swans so majestic. But in fact they were rather greedy birds desperate for my piece of bread.


This good boye’s name is, omg I dont remember but hes a dog of a friend. And here he doesn’t look too happy being held like a trophy.


I cheated, this good boye was actually in Madrid playing with a balloon. But no dogs deserve to be left out.


Saw this shiba-inu at campus when I was still just studying French. Ahhh the good old stressless days.


Another picture from last year. I was experiencing the French culture firsthand by hanging out at a demonstration (they were protesting against the Loi de Travaille or Labour Law at that time). As you can see, demonstrations are kinda fun in France, you even bring your dogs along for a day out not working.


Another cheating picture (lol). This was a tired down-to-earth looking terrier (?) listening to a tour guide talking about the church in Freiburg, Germany just two days ago.


They can even bring dogs into theme parks! Here’s one at Europa Park.


A farm dog somewhere near Montbrison trying to see if we were threats to his sheep!


Here’s a guy walking his gorilla bear dog. Having a dog that’s bigger than you and being able to control them and walk them in front of other people in public is not that uncommon here. So jealous. Actually I’m just jealous of everyone who has a dog.


And finally, my Malaysian good boye is also pretty cute himself. Just look at him.


: P



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