#51 Reminiscing PB88: Gibraltar (Port 15)

What is Peace Boat?

Hello! (Hello in Gibraltan I mean English)

  • Date: 2015/10/9
  • Port Name: Gibraltar
  • Country: Technically England because it’s a British overseas territory
  • First time there?: Yes! Even my first time hearing about this place.
  • What did I do?: Interpreted for a tour going up to a small hill to see the view of the city, the coast, as well as native monkeys but it was unfortunately foggy so all we ended up with was cold fog, bad visibility, and a couple of bored-looking monkeys. We also visited the tip of the coast to look across the sea at the distant coast of Morocco.


Image source: Wikipedia

This is where Gibraltar is, guys! It’s tiny! But I’m not surprised that the British wanted to have territory there because it’s really strategically located at the strait connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.

I remember throughout the tour, there were Japanese passengers who posed the question of whether the people of Gibraltar preferred to stay a British territory or be annexed by Spain to the tour guide. According to the tour guide, apparently they had referendums a few times and the results were always overwhelmingly pro-British.

Oh, and we were also served Fish and Chips for lunch.

Extract from an email sent to le bf:

Gibraltar on the other hand was very boring. Did you know that Gibraltar is so small there are only about 30 thousand people living there? My tour included going up to the cable car and walking in the city center besides visiting some other observation points. But we were very unlucky because it was raining when we docked so we could see NOTHING at the top of the mountain that we reached via cable car and also because it was a Sunday most of the shops were closed in the city center. I was working from 7:00 till about 13:30 and it was raining almost the whole time. I was so tired I came back and napped for 3 hours.


I can’t remember what this lighthouse was famous for, maybe it’s the only lighthouse in the territory?? Lol. Apologies, my memory is as foggy as the scenery on top of the mountain.

Postcard for the family:

Next port: Ponta Delgada!


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