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And then there were treize fleurs

So France started its lockdown – or confinement in French, which is a faux ami, because in English it brings to mind postpartum confinement or 坐月 (literally sitting the month) in Mandarin – on 16 March. While stuck at home, one of the things which I found to be the most therapeutic was to take care of my plants and shower them with love. Me literally taking care of them lovingly i.e. watering them, sprinkling coffee grounds, and paying attention to them multiple times a day and E showering them with love as a concept, i.e. saying he loves them.

And I think my plants are highly appreciating it. Especially my orchid, because in return, she (yes, I decided) bloomed like 10 more flowers during the lockdown, making a total of 13 flowers for this spring season! I am so excited and proud because my green-thumbed colleague once told me it’s quite rare for orchids bought from the store (mine is from Ikea originally with 15 flowers, bought last April when Teng came to visit) to rebloom and they usually just grow more and more leaves stacked on top of one another.

But behold my phalaenopsis:

with a sneaky cameo of my new rose plant, yes I’m at a steady rate of 1 new plant per 1 month of lockdown