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#45 Meals in Germany over Easter weekend @ Europa Park

Saturday (15/4) breakfast at Weil am Rhine:  German brot and a German tasteless croissant at the train heading to Ringsheim


Saturday (15/4) lunch in Fjord Restaurant, Scandinavia, Europa Park: Scandinavian style fish dish! Tuna and salmon sashimi, shrimp salad, bread, etc. Etienne had salmon and potatoes.


Sunday (16/4) brunch: Bretzel and butter, cheese on a stick, and a cafe latte at Freiburg Station. It was freeeeeezing.


Sunday (16/4) dinner at Suden, Vauban the world’s best ecoquartier: I thought I ordered sausages because the menu said “Wiener Art” but it turned out to be schnitzel, the German/Austrian dish that resembles the Japanese katsu (pork cutlet). Etienne had a vegetarian lasagne.


Monday (17/4) breakfast in the train going back to Europa Park again: Salted and unsalted Bretzel with butter and a cuppucino from the same cafe at Freiburg station.


Monday (17/4) lunch in See-Restaurant am Europa-Park: Spaghetti Bolognaise by the lake.


Monday (17/4) dinner at Europa Park: Finally a hot dog with a German sausage !


Europa Park was awesome. I miss it already 😦 It’s the perfect combination of Disney and FujiQ; there’s more to do than in Fuji-Q and maybe just a bit less romantic / magical than Disneyland. The queues weren’t that long either, maybe because the weather was rather gloomy and it was drizzling from time to time. Would recommend to anyone! Make sure to try the Silverstar!!

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#39 Reminiscing PB88: Dubrovnik (Port 10)


What is Peace Boat?

Dobar Dan! (Hello in Croatian)

  • Date: 2015/10/3
  • Port Name: Dubrovnik
  • Country: Croatia
  • First time there?: Second time in Croatia but first time in Dubrovnik!
  • What did I do?: Interpreted for a half day tour in the morning and got to spend the afternoon with some colleagues exploring the beautiful and ancient city walls! Although the morning tour was short, I remember it was one of the most stressful tours for me to interpret because there was an intimidating lady (whom I admire a lot) in my group and she would correct me every time I used “katakana” Japanese. For example, when I said “piru” or katakana for pill, she would tell me the correct Japanese word, 錠剤 (jyouzai), in front of everyone. In hindsight it was a good lesson for me and I learned not to be so sketchy in my interpreting. I will also forever remember words like 錠剤 (pills)、遺骨 (remains) or 遺物 (relics) などなど。

Post-stress Sheng on the city fortification. I think you had to pay to go up the wall but totally worth it! You can spend around 1 to 2 hours up here circling the old city and just taking in the view of the city and the awesome, awesome, Mediterranean Sea.


When I visited Croatia for the first time (Split and Hvar back in 2012) , to me, it was an exotic country with impressive European architecture and stone buildings plus a really breathtaking Lake Plitvice. But I learned on this trip with Peace Boat that Croatia is actually one of the seven countries of the Ex-Yugoslavia and that Croatia fought a war of independence in the early 90s. In fact, although the old town of Dubrovnik was a UNESCO world heritage site at that time, it was the target of a siege by the Yugoslavian government and more than half of the city was destroyed by bombs. A part of the city that we see today is actually careful and loyal reconstructions done using materials as close as possible to the original materials used.

Another trivia, Dubrovnik is one of the cities that inspired the fictional city of the Ghibli Studios animated movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. We were playing the soundtrack of the movie while walking along the walls when we saw JIJI!! Can you see the black spot in the picture? (For those who don’t know, Jiji is the talking black pet cat of Kiki, the lead character in the movie. And please watch it if you haven’t seen it yet! Highly recommended.)



I enjoyed this city so much I decided to recreate it for my sketch homework for school:



Postcard for the family:


Postcard for le bf:


Next port: Kotor, Montenegro!

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#38 Reminiscing PB88: Venice (Port 9)

Only at Port 9!! Sheet sheet sheet

What is Peace Boat?

Buon giorno! (Hello in Italian)

  • Date: 2015/10/1
  • Port Name: Venice
  • Country: Italy
  • First time there?: Yes!
  • What did I do?: Free day for all the CCs!! I guess the reason is because Venice is such a popular holiday destination, they would have plenty of Japanese speaking tour guides. So we just spent a really long day from morning till evening walking around the city as real tourists!

Customary canal pic ❤


Pizza lunch of course


Then of course after getting pleasantly lost in the maze of the city we came out to St. Mark’s Square! Too bad St. Mark’s Basilica was under some kinda of maintenance work. But it’s ok, maintenance of heritage sites like these are important. We weren’t on a CC tour so I’m not sure of the history behind this magnificent building, lol. What, it was a break we deserved! So we just enjoyed the Italo-Byzantine and Gothic (<- from Wikipedia) architecture and took pictures. When at a tourist site, we do as tourists do.


Up the bell tower for more views! Look at how beautiful this is. How do people live here? Do people even live here? The swarms of tourists every single day must be quite annoying.


And here’s the basilica from up top.


Gondolas by the jetty. Obachan finger spotted. The gondola drivers were funny. We saw some of them taking their lunch break and when my friend who was wearing a striped shirt similar to theirs asked for a photo, they very curtly said NO. Lol sorry not sorry.


Espresso and tiramisu break and postcard-writing.


Postcard for the family:


Postcard for le bf:


Next port: Dubrovnik!