now im feeling so fly

LIKE A G6 weeeeeeeee cos my exams are OVER!!!!! (sorta because i still have one last stupid makes no sense paper on fri morning but other than that WEE)

but im so lonely now cos everyones gone:( :(: (: (: (: ( yarghhhhh

and coming back home after a long day out @ shinjuku 😀 i opened my laptop and saw all the websites which i opened up, all the videos about BENDING STRESS SHEAR STRESS GIBBS FREE ENERGY i felt like ACK vomit blood but also oddly, a sense of achievement haha

thinking about starting a twitter account

I WANNA START MY PRETTY LITTLE LIARS SEASON 2 but i get freaked out easily and im alone now cos my roommates gone so im stuck in a dilemma hahhaa. and also my novel titulada ‘the historian” also looks quite freaky so yamemasyouka ? (don read it)