wow what a lousy start to my term lol
so i had second period today 10.40 and in order to be on time i must leave at 9.45ish but i woke up at 9.30 so i was like arghhhhhhh lazyyyyyyyyy (shit getting too comfortable haha) so i decided to go for third period which is at 1 so i could chill first and read all my mail and stuff

because i had to go to the bank etc etc i decided to leave a bit early (at 11.15) then when i went downstairs the housemaster passed me my handphone (which i left at a hotel and they nicely mailed it back during summer haha) but it had no battery-___- so i came back up and charged it for like 10 mins then decided to go out again. another extra chore now: pay phone bill

after walking in the midly heavy rain to the station i realised I LEFT MY WALLET> i think this is like the 8th time ive done it throughout my stay here in the dorm. reach the station and find out that i forgot my wallet ARGHHH so i walked back cos without my wallet i basically cant do anything

THEN IT STARTED POURING. LIKE CRAZY MALAYSIAN RAIN (except us malaysians we don WALK in the rain so u don feel it) BUT THIS IS LIKE , WAH and the road outside my dorm was FLOODED up to my shin luckily i was wearing crocs. i had to WADE through the water with occasional cars passing by which made these giant waves so that the water level nearly reaches my knees … but the drivers were at least polite to give a little nod and show a sorry face

SO NOW IM BACK HERE. in my room. BACK TO SQUARE ONE. NO PROGRESS. all wet i think theres a hoole in my umbrella if not why else would my hair be dripping?!

i wonder if i can even make it to 3rd period now. SHIT


the 101th post

wow 101th already!

anyway i have 4 more hours to finish packing, and im maybe 60% done how many winter coats do i bring over ?? cos one already is like damn fat and yes my luggage is big enough but i have to lug it around shinjuku during rush hour :(:(:(:( shit laaaa so i have to keep it as light as possible

so sleepy

my flight’s at nine am. REALLY REALLY bittersweet feeling. but good thing im coming back so soon. ahhaha and ill probably update this more often from now on.

DAMN SLEEPY. my eyes are burning

on the other hand, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! 🙂 feeling really really blessed ❤