official theme song

hold on hold on
don be scared
you’ll never change what’s been and gone
may your smile
shine on
don be scared
your destiny may keep you warm
cos all of the stars theyre fading away
just try not to worry you’ll them some day
take what you need, and be on your way
and stop crying your heart out
get up come on
why’re you scared
you’ll never change whats been and gone
cos all of the stars are fading away
just try not to worry you’ll see them someday
take what you need and be on your way
and stop crying your heart out……………


im gonna make my prime years worthwhile, and make the most out of this spring hols!! in other words, i wanna be yes man from now haha

but not yes man to eating cookies ARGH

damn full from dinnah.

frisbee yesteday was louis was pretty cool! louis too bad ure working this weekend -_- i shy to go alone. but then im yes man. but then. shy. haha

i wish it were summertime and there would be more kakis to hang out with cos right now my phone numbers in my phone book in my phone is dman sad haha…………… dot dot dot

hey ive been back exactly one week! 😀









the awesome and the strange

SO TODAY. WAH ok to tell this story i have to bring u back to last friday.

ok so actually last friday after my last paper i was supposed to go out for lunch with my chinese friends but they ditched me haha so i was free for the afternoon. so after seeing the poster for an outlet park sale @ mitsui (YES AME THEY WERE HAVING SALE AGAIN!!) so i decided OK MAYBE I SHOULD GO. so i made the 1 hour journey and when i reached iruma station it was already lunch time and i saw mister donut and YES they were having the 100 yen sale so i was excited. so excited that when i withdrew my money from the resona atm nextdoor to misterdonut i LEFT MY MONEY THERE. SAN MAN EN. 30000 yen. which converts to roughly 1200 ringgit :O :O :O :O :O

and the worst part was that i only realised it when i was at the mall. which is a 20 mins bus ride from the iruma station. and id already been shopping for like 2hours. SO I STARTED PANICKING LIKE CRAZY and i had no idea what to do i started having cold sweat so i texted my jap friend and he was telling me like i should call the ppl there at the atm but it was the kinda atm with no staff and just the machinessssss so i was like WAH WAH WAH i knew if i went back there now it probably WONT BE THERE ANYMORE DUH but i totally lost my mood for shopping so i made my way back anyway. sigh

so when i reached the place i found out that there was an intercom phone attached to the atm machine so i picked it up and called the resona staff and explained to them what had happened. and she told me that shed have to get back to me on monday afternoon. so this whole weekend i was kinda on the edge (bagai duduk atas duri?) haha one part of me is like AIYA U WONT GET IT BACK LA but another part of me (after reading many forum posts from ppl with similar experiences) kept thinking that ahhh the atm machine mightve sucked th emoney back in in time before someone took it. and theres a security camera so most japs wont take it even if they saw it lying there apparently

SO THIS AFTERNOON THEY CALLED AND YES I GOT MY MONEY BACK!!!WOOTTTTTTTTTTTTT i was sooo scareddddddddddddddd but now i can shop!! LOL and i really learnt my lesson. lol

and taht was THE AWESOME.


i was shopping with my jap guy friend today @ shimokitazawa (WHAT A NICE PLACE DEF GOING BACK THERE AGAIN) and i was @ a clothes shop for men shopping for cj and maybe my bro and we were like looking at the clothes. and the salesguy came up to us and said somethin glike “oh the quality is really good bla bla bla” and then he said

Salesguy: Are you guys on a date?お二人はデートですか?
Me and friend: No lol no were not. いや、違います。
Salesguy: oooo ああそうですか
Me: oh but im shopping for my boyfriend あ、でも今彼氏のために買い物してる
Salesguy: really? isnt that lil complicated? ええ、それはちょっと複雑じゃないですか?
Me and friend look at each other and i said: complicated? 複雑?
Friend: complicated (cos he thought i didn hear the word properly) 複雑。
Me: OOOO NO no not at all. haha あああいや全然。。。はは

awkward laugh….

Salesguy: so, anyway… Arashi has worn our clothes on tv before. Matsumoto Jun….

post serious exams pre stupid essay exam (today) which was quite yabai

went to ka eis house to celebrate her 22nd birthday on 2nd of feb!! haha and also it was CNY eve so we spent the whole night watching some china countdown show. good fun!! 😀

PEACE (and also the official sign for CNY cos its the year of the rabbit)

i made her walnut brownies:D

my boobie donuts for dinner with ame @ krispy kreme!


oh this was actually BEFORE my last 2 serious papers hahha CAKE BUFFET AGAIN with shosho and hyunster! 😀

chinatown pics to come! 🙂 HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! and HOORAH exams are officially OVAH.


im so full. had a 2 hour eating marathon with my chinese friend. sorta like a cny countdown celebration and also celebrating her birthday which is today. SERIOUSLY DAMN FULL haha kimchi hot pot and we added COLLAGEN CHICKEN BROTH hahhaha qiute funny and surprisingly yummy. trust the japanese to come out with this kinda stuff

so anyway im blogging from her laptop while shes taking a shower. going to yokohama tmr weeee but now im slightly panicking for my paper on fri lol. cos i just realised i actually have qite lil time to read up on it. gotta write 1200 words about paradigm shift in the sc and tech field. 1200 JAPANESE WORDS. yabai.

will post up pictures soon! 😀