holidays are the besttttttttttttttttttttt
sweet paradise yesteday @ kichijoji (WHICH WAS AWESOME POSSUM SUCH A COOL PLACE EXISTS NEAR TANASHI WAHEY) definitely gonna go there again and they have this foreign food store where i found COCONUT MILK! im gonna make kaya soon weee:) but ill wait for number 1 kaya fan hyunster to come back

number 1 con of the holiday season: OVEREATING. ill show u my pics from sweet paradise (fyi its all u can eat place for desserts and cakes. frigging awesome but i hated the time limit we only had 70 mins -_-) BUT I FELL INLOVE with the croissants theyre not in the pictures but they bake it in rounds and when its done they go around the tables serving ppl who want them. it was perfectly crispy and soft on the inside with the right amount of sugar glazing on top not to mention it was straight out of the oven so it was piping hot mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yumm

can u see the bottom cake with the dots it was 紅茶シフォンenglish tea chiffon cake THAT WAS THE BEST for me

actually everything was really good but the cheesecake and strawberry shortcake was justmeh. they sucked i actually couldnt finish them



Ok typing in chinese took longer than i expected so imma stop there. hahahha so i went for a 2days 1 night trip to Chiba with all my chinese friends from calculus class (alliteration yall check me out) and it was really fun and nice and secluded in the middle of nature next to the ocean in small town kamogawa 🙂 pictures to come!

there was some drama with the another jap group who stayed in the same place as us (the waseda seminar house) only we were there for fun but i think they were really there for a seminar haha. but im quite lazy to type my eyes are closing as im typing this but i cant sleep because i had SO MUCH for dinner u wouldnt believe me. pictures to come but heres a teaser.

its the picture of the “sunrise” which we were supposed to catch but i think we woke up too late and i t was too cold to go downstairs so i just took this from our room window. hehehe

wah wah wah

after looking at my old pics I FEEL SO SAD I WANNA GO BACK TO MY OLD SHAPE WAHHH WAHH WAHH (bawling sounds)

but all these holiday treats: steamboat, donuts, cakes, cookies, tarts, alcohol, caffeine, is NOT HELPING at all…………………….. dot dot dot dot dot dot

dot dot dot i got backache

chiba tmr!


i cant believe its nearly christmas 🙂 i just uploaded pics from my digicam and pictures make me lazy to blog so ill just caption them hehe

pictures in reverse chronological order: speaking of chronology i just watched memento wah christopher nolan u like to give ppl headaches lol it was as baffling as inception

just came back from malaysian night @ 錦糸町 with Amelia and HyunJi. was pretty fun but i was kinda hoping for nicer food 😦 hahaha no nasi lemak. it was nasi ayam with a puny piece of chicken. but there was SO much to go around i had a sceond helping of cake AHHAHA やばいやばい

krispy kreme @ shinjuku. seasonal specials! 🙂 snowy cranberry and some toffee nut thing

lol random girls じゃま!!

lonely but contented:)

my milk soup spaghetti with my favourite half boiled egg!! actually this was more like one third boiled egg

final party of year 2010 with the whole gang:)

salmon and stir fried mushroom vege with rice

a masquerade party where NOBODY wore masks. lol

some random monsters @ shinjuku. they were promoting some movie or some otaku game haha
no offence

hee ahs birthday exactly a month ago!!:) we had little steam cakes in a cup.

frisbee tourney @ fuji!


slept for 12 hours after not sleeping for 36. -____-

i think i dreamt that i got shot. hahaha

anyway. two things i learnt from my weekend.
1) PARTIES ARE FUN as long as u don end up falling asleep in the karaoke room and having to walk home in the morning in the freezing cold

2) DON GO FOR ANOTHER JAPANESE MEETING because they are so long winded and discuss the most irrelevant things. and they think too much imo lol. i mean, honestly 5 hours!??! and it also doesn help when you feel like the whole team hates you for skipping practices. X( and i was starving

back to my despohsewives 😀 gotta finish up my stupid exp report tonight weii i wanna enjoy my winter vacation wee!! :):):) places i MUST GO: ROPPONGi, ODAIBA, KICHIJOJI and MOREE theres actually a frisbee bonenkai tonight but after last night, i REALLY don feel like going. so im not. haha

note to self: last 3 days gambatte!