no sleep tonight

my yogurt “parfait” attempt lol fail. it has a large banana, yogurt, blueberry jam and some oats.

lunch: toasted avocado pita. i had one more empty pita bread and it was my last one
dinner: rice cooked with carrot and plain omelet with soysauce and pepper. ate amidst my mess. the picture is blur because it was straight out of the rice cooker/pan so there was steam coming out
had a second helping of rice and another banana

washed my sheets today and had nowhere else to hang them. they’re dry already though (super fast!) because the air in my room is soooo dry i could cough blood. hahaha ok maybe not. but hj did have an experience like that in tanashi.

back to studying. boohoohoohooohooohoohohohohoooooooo

3 down 7 more to go!!

avocado and egg on rye toast for brekkie. packed my last piece of rye bread as a snack/lunch because there wasn gonna be time for a real lunch in between the papers.

leftover bean rice, leftover trout salmon (soooo bony -_-) and tofu with chili oil. no greens! 😦
so i had a banana for dessert. stumbled upon cheap 100yen bananas today!! wee

no im not gonna comment on the exams today because theres nothing much to comment about. couldve done worse but im not happy with myself kinda situation.

oh and i bought these ridiculous looking sock/slipper thingys because apparently im suffering from winter chillblains. my feet are sooo swollen that i fear i wont be able to fit into my pink heels for the wedding :((((. i also bought 2 pairs of fluffy ridiculous socks with bear faces (ill take pics of them when i do put them on) jas remember we were justtalking about these hahaha. i guess i really need them, my southeast asian body which is attuned to hot, lovely 30degree weather just cant seem to stand winter this year haha and i know NUTS about keeping myself warm in winter, though im learning one day at a time! these socks will be my new best friend. along with cairos i farging love cairos

windy tokyo

i could hear the wind blowing SOO loudly (a CRAZY 8m/s, checked on yahoo weather) when i woke up today. PHEW, deciding to skip TOEIC was a good thing. lol they actually make ALL engineering freshmen and sophomores take TOEIC twice a year. i understand we had to take it last year for them to gauge our performance improvement and assign us classes according to our levels but i wont have any english classes next year so i figured, whats the point? 1) i don want to wake up at 8 in the morning 2)i also don want to spend 2 hours doing a boring, over-easy yet tiring exam 3) it doesn count for anything
so i woke up at 11 haha

oatmeal with doutor cocoa powder. yum yum!! was craving something rich and chocolatey ahem*timeofthemonth*ahem
yeap those are my legs. i was 正座ing (sitting like a japanese) while taking this shot. was quite sunny outside too hence the overexposure 🙂

had the last 2 of my tangerines. yay i shall buy new fruits tmr! 🙂

fried salmon and bokchoy with hainanese-bean-rice-combo. yeah i ate the whole thing with a fork. so angry some internet service guy came and interrupted my dinner. i didn even know what he was talking about lol but managed to shoo him away after 5 mins. gosh this place really needs an autolock -_-.

half a piece of rye bread for “dessert”

then i had an egg to snack on during my studying COS I HAVE NO MORE SNACKS/FRUITS

one last week

of stress (due to lack of it) and bitchcold weather!! awwyeah

colourful breakfast today! haha gosh its so embarassing that i only have one plate. haahhahha and my mismatched cutlery no im not artsy im just poor and cant be bothered 😀 so todays menu was avocado on rye toast and panfried salmon. i usually buy salmon fillets but this trout salmon was 30% off so i bought it. what is the diff between normal salmon and trout salmon? beats me. but this was annoyingly bony though. had a tangerine/mandarin orange too

nearly fell asleep a few hours after brekkie again (i studied till 4.30am1!!) and woke up at 11 but kaei called to ask for answers to some problems and kinda got me all stressed out so i forced myself to study
and today the stupid NHK fee collector came. sooo persistent grr apparently NHK is famous for these annoying door-to-door debt collectors because alot of ppl don pay although theyre obliged to. but i guess he needs to earn a living too. kinda showed him some attitude now i feel kinda bad. started thinking to myself, what if he ends up in a 人身事故or sth…………………… nah im thinking too much (hopefully)
in between studying i had edamame dude i can nvr get sick of those things

dinner was rice cooked with daizu (soybeans) in hainanese chicken rice sauce cos i was craving something oily hehe made a soft boiled, or hardly boiled egg on it and poured some ラー油 (chili oil) all over. with blanched bok choy. i had another helping of the rice 🙂
had 2 tangerines for dessert. they remind me that everybody else is celebrating CNY but me sigh. im SOO bloated now!!

matrix method

is what i tried studying today for my structural mechanics paper next friday. why do i say “tried”? because i am the queen!! of procrastination. no surprises there
so i woke up at 9 STARVING lol quickly cracked an egg onto the frying pan (without oil so it tasted rubbery eck),tore a pita into half and left them to toast in my oven THEN went to brush my teeth. then i scraped half an avocado and spread it into the pita plus a a tablespoon of mustard and thats what u see in the pic below:

this is only my first course. hahahha i still had the remaining half of the pita so i caramelized 2 bananas by nuking them and made a dessert pita! savoury and sweet 🙂 but i thought it wasn enough so i had another pita on its own lol i love my carbs

after my scrumptious breakfast i cleared my table to start studying but i noticed the sun was really nice in the morning!! (i hardly wake up at 9 lol) さすが南向き(house that faces north gets good sun apparently) so i pulled up my blinds and “sunbathed” on the couch hahahah in winter this is what i call BLISS
then i fell asleep. with my notes in my hands LOLLLLL what a piggggg but for some reason i wasnt feeling very well last night (chills and goosebumps) and i had COFFEE during the day so i couldn sleep till maybe about 4am
then i woke up at 2pm and attempted to study again. in between iwent for a soooper short jog and a walk to the supermarket. dinner at mouchans was gonna be at 8 and i was already hungry by 5.30 so this is what i snagged from the supermarket
pineapple, melon, and grapefruit! half off for 199 yen!:)
mouchan made instant noodle kimchi ramen and i made chinese cabbage and straw mushrooms cooked in hainanese chicken rice sauce haha i didn know what to do for seasoning keke but it turned out not bad actually!!
i also had 2 strawberries and 3 pieces of truffles – leftovers from 2 nights ago – for dessert!

grey meals

bowl of grey banana oatmeal. i accidentally bought cinnamon sugar instead of cinnamon powder so it was kinda too sweet for my liking -_-
afternoon snacks: 1/2 a piece of rye bread, 2 pieces of cookies @ the murphy house, a can of coffee au lait

gray(ish) cream stew courtesy of nobuchan @ bible study tonight! 🙂 plus 1/3 of a margerita burrito and another 1/3 of some ham and cheese burrito for dinner. also had a wakame (seaweed) salad on the side! oishikatta but i hate raw onions

oh and kevin got a box of expensive dried fruits dipped in choc but their family doesn really like chocs (I KNOW, RIGHT?! ok i think the kid likes it but she just went through an operation, i think for her cleft lip so shes wearing a mouthguard, and still discouraged from eating chewy stuff) so they gave it to me!!! LUCKY! it looked expensive too. so i brought it over to bible study, had 3 pieces and reluctantly made a premature parting with it because i KNOW if i brought it home id finish the whole box by tonight by myself lol. so i left it with nobuchan 🙂

my meals mightve been grey, but my day was def a cheery one! 🙂

mouchan’s nabe

woke up at 12 today. :O haven woken up past noon in a while!! sunshiny day with some sad remnants of snow out so i decided to eat breakfast by the window 🙂
pita with beef and chinese cabbage sauted in soy sauce. 超適当だけどおいしい!! super random but trust me its yummy

but i felt so thirsty after the soy sauce (maybe too much sodium?) so i needed something refreshing and also because i have this particular banana which was bursting out of its skin (just like my bursting out of my jeans T_T) so i fixed myself a bowl of yogurt with banana and half a rye toast for dessert

stayed in again マジ毎日家でぼっちしている but at 4.30 decided to go for a jog for a much needed dose of sunshine
but i realised 4.30 was already quite late for what is considered sunny weather booo the sun was already beginning to set. but i could see that the sun was still shining at the far end of the river (past saginomiya station) so i chased after it

and i caught the last glimpse of it 🙂 and this was also for a brief moment because a few seconds after that some clouds came and blocked it out of sight 😦
sunlight makes happy hormones 😀 this is a pic to show u that i got some sun on mah face can u tell?

then dinner at mouchan’s! darrell came over too lol and he brought choc truffles and choc coated strawberries which he made himself!! lol hes basically got half his foot in spring break already becuase he only has jap exams and one math assignment to hand in. what the heck thats so unfair because hes in engineering just like me !!! (but international course)
so anyway i think we might be an official dinner group or sth because hes coming over again on fri and mouchans making ramen 🙂 and im supposed to make a vege dish just to balance the nutrients haha
oh PS i dono whether its a joke or wat but my exccrush totally professed that hes BI on twitter last night. shocking?!?!?! NOT.