Sheng’s Specialized Courses for 2011

omg who feels like studying at a time like this. turns out i might be postponing my flight to the latest possible daay which is possibly the 3rd. or 5th if i choose to skip “guidance” day. but anyhoo. leaving a place ive been for a good amount time just leaves me bittersweet. like so sayang to go. but part of me is looking forward to going back! and my courses, despite how much stress they stir up in me when i was browsing throgh the list, do sound exciting!!! i cant wait to really start studying things i really want to not beacuse i HAD TO. cough calculus cough chemistry cough. CCCCC

ok i was plannning to type ou tall my courses but decided to be lazy LOL. redundant title. hahahaha and i gtg stop by kl central to get my full refund for my mums and sisters tickets also

byebye. and i just heard marry you for the first time. the tune sounds REALLY FAMILIAR


sing praise

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, neh neh neh neh neh here below…

lol i dono the lyrics to the song but i love the first line hahaha anyway im here to praise God for letting me pass all my subjects this term, because seriously, all i had to rely on were lets see, past year papers, friends’ solutions to past year papers, random SUPER HELPFUL video lectures on youtube, wolframalpha, awesome friends who let me copy their notes and tick my attendance, etc etc etc. haahah actually quite alot la but I believe strongly that God had a part to play in all that. he probably doesn approve of how i did my geoinformatics test though, but:( 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😀

so few memorable contestands on AI this season. although i do find whatshisname the autistic charming dude’s eyebrows SO CUTE and distracting and steve tyler looks like a fish

so yeah i finally sent in my application today. SO STRESS. and i realised something funny. when ure procrastinating, everything seems more fun, like failblog seemed funnier and i just felt like reading it forever and not do more important things ahem but now that im home and im so free now i can read as much failblog as i like but theyve turned boring. haha issit just me.

wah this curly haired jazzy girl not bad.

kthx bye