breakfast at ターリ屋 did u know that everything is 50 % off if u order between 8am to 11am?? awesome. my sesame naan was only 215 yen. shouldve gone for the pistachio one as this was quite tasteless.

late lunch after work: teriyaki mackerel with rice and lotus roots and miso soup and milk pudding! yum!


29 June 2012

brunch: salmon sub from doutor cafe @ nobuchan’s.
snack: banana 
dinner: mitsuya tsukemen again!! 2 weeks in a row lol. this time i had the vege tsukemen.

whats an impromptu sleepover without snacks. banana chips! as an avid banana fan i have to say i didn really enjoy them. banana should never be made into chips. they should only be eaten raw or blended into smoothies or put into pastries :DD



brunch: shirataki noodles with mentsuyu (dipping soy sauce)
lunch: beef croquettes and rice and summer vegetables

dinner: vege gratin and garlic toast @ johnathan’s! 

drinks: a salty dog @ Hub.
had our first rehearsal at Ono Azusa memorial hall today. my character is so minor but i have a name and its Andachi Hana hehe. the first girl from the right is gonna be my mother, Andachi Natsumi.