breakfast at ターリ屋 did u know that everything is 50 % off if u order between 8am to 11am?? awesome. my sesame naan was only 215 yen. shouldve gone for the pistachio one as this was quite tasteless.

late lunch after work: teriyaki mackerel with rice and lotus roots and miso soup and milk pudding! yum!


29 June 2012

brunch: salmon sub from doutor cafe @ nobuchan’s.
snack: banana 
dinner: mitsuya tsukemen again!! 2 weeks in a row lol. this time i had the vege tsukemen.

whats an impromptu sleepover without snacks. banana chips! as an avid banana fan i have to say i didn really enjoy them. banana should never be made into chips. they should only be eaten raw or blended into smoothies or put into pastries :DD


brunch: shirataki noodles with mentsuyu (dipping soy sauce)
lunch: beef croquettes and rice and summer vegetables

dinner: vege gratin and garlic toast @ johnathan’s! 

drinks: a salty dog @ Hub.
had our first rehearsal at Ono Azusa memorial hall today. my character is so minor but i have a name and its Andachi Hana hehe. the first girl from the right is gonna be my mother, Andachi Natsumi.


lunch: 高菜おにぎり。pickled vegetable onigiri
tea: another onigiri. but this time an edamame one. did u know that edamame is called 毛豆in chinese ie hairy bean? but in japanese its called 枝豆 ie “branch bean”
dinner: instant vege curry and egg on deep fried tofu sprinkled with some leftover hairy beans from last night. and a banana! 


breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: meat pau and red bean pau and TONS of snacks at dpm

dinner: mah FEAST. banana, mini katsudon, some of that edamame and 100 yen barbeque chips! they look like “windows” from bangkok but of course not as tasty!! this was my fuel for my stupid hydraulics report which im about to resume to… in a bit. procrastinators unite!!… in a bit.

now i remember how i started loving milla. shes so hilarious. “Ja, WE SHATCHU DOWNN!” and her CRAZY LAUGH @ 2:10!! check it out pls


breakfast: burnt oatmeal T_T. my room still stinks a little bit.
lunch: thai food with aras and toy @ luuk chang, lumine est 7th floor! i had the half & half set which consisted of half a serving of gapao and half a serving of thai pho. the set included a mini salad and spring roll and believe it or not ALL YOU CAN EAT coconut milk tapioca!! i mean they didn say it was 食べ放題 but it was self service so u can help urself to as many bowls as u like so i had 2 🙂

i was supposed to rush home to submit my monthly report to my scholarship office but both my bad sempais convinced me to go shopping and karaoke with them lolllll

tea: hot soy milk
dinner: zunda (mashed green soybeans as translated by google) pretz x 3! souvenirs from tohoku courtesy of toy. and half an avocado and an apple. i forgot to take a picture but found one online so here you go


breakfast: oatmeal
lunch at はらの台所 (momen-so), its the cafe version of hara donuts although they didn offer donuts. this was my quiche set for 850 yen. actually 1000 yen plus coffee. im slowly but surely becoming caffeine dependent!! price to pay for growing up. the menu today was fish and mentaiko quiche and cold sweet potato creamy soup. i preferred the soup to the main though! the salad was nice with a sprinkle of barley oats too but sadly, it was crazily overdressed. next time i need to remember to order salads with dressing on the side!

a picture of rachel’s cupcake which i didn try. reason – tight skirt tight shirt and nerves. 

dinner: apple and avocad-egg toast. 

after today, i have a feeling 就活 is gonna be the most stressful and difficult thing i have to do in my life (so far).