breakfast: more fishy rice with egg and bokchoy

 teatime!: norari kurari (sp?) cafe with ame and heea! i had the mixed berry yogurt drink but i did take some bites off their yummy cakes lol

(sorta) dinner: curry pau and red bean pau from family mart.

loads of snacks & drinks at 上ちゃん家。had to send hajime home omg hes so funny drunk


nasi lemak

breakfast: i made takikomigohan with my leftover mackerel and some soy sauce (adapted from a legit recipe off the web) ended up with fishy rice. but still edible i guess haha 

snack: chocolate milk tea

snack no.2: banana soy joy bar!

and (JENG JENG JENG!!) DINNER: NASI LEMAKKKKKK cost me 1080 yen but i think it was SOWORTH IT OH YEAH. i couldn finish it though haha the portion sizing in this restaurant is really crazy!! they even gave me a whole egg which is weird right?? usually in msia they serve it in halves. おいしかったごごちそうさまでした!