in japan u say “tadaima” when u get home, and somebody whos at home (be it family, spouse, etc) would reply with “okaeri”
so, tadaima, tokyoooo but ive got no one to say okaeri to me

breakfast: last cup of 栄養早餐 and jambu

after some last minute packing and a haircut, i was just sitting around waiting for teng to get home to send me to the airport so i had a snack: the CLASSIC CHICKEN FLOSS BUN from breadstory!! a family favourite.

lunch @ old town @ LCCT with teng. i was quite full from the chicken floss bun so we shared the curry mee. and i had one piece of kaya toast.
if i have a choice, id really rather not fly air asia anymore -____- but anyway this was my prebooked malaysian meal – nasi lemak. i was stuck between a japanese lady and a salaryman and i was quite shy to take a nice picture. so this is my sneaky shot. also, turns out i accidentally ordered the inflight entertainment thing lol so i finally got to watch the last harry potter movie. however good the film adaptation may be, i think one has to read the books to get the REAL harry potter experience. ive only read the last book once, but i highly doubt snape’s death scene couldve possibly been that short.
to do list tmr
1. unpack
2. practise speech
3. grocery shopping

its the final countdown

is the annoying keyboard tune playing in ur head now? 🙂

brunch: nasi kunyit(turmeric rice) with chicken curry & “cham” (coffee and milk tea) cham literally means “mix” in cantonese. @papparich. i think i might love that place

cocoa cappucino @ starbucks after half a day of shopping 🙂 ayaka, hitomi and hazuki. can u tell who isnt japanese?
dinner with the famfam @ nice soup gang. I LOVE BRINJAL w/ MINCED MEAT. it has replaced mushrooms as my fav non-leafy vege
dessert: green bean tongsui. didn like it

dancing in the moonlight

breakfast: hot soya cereal (or hot cereal soya? cant remember) @ papparich just outside church after yoga. tasted just like oatmeal yummy just what i needed

refreshmets after church: luncheon meat and egg sandwich 😀

lunch: dim sum with mum and 2 sisters because the brother and the other sister were at an amway seminar (!?!?) at i cant remember the restaurants name but its on the 5th floor of maju junction
snack: 2 jambus
dinner: fried rice with 2 kinds of vege and steamed egg
peanut butter (花生胡)@ ktz, SS2. im not sure about the third kanji but its basically sweet peanut butter tongsui (hot chinese dessert) and i ordered 2 extra tong yuen with black sesame filling. couldn finish it because it was sooooo sweet and jelaking so i gave half the bowl and one tongyuen to terence who hadn ordered anything

lost world of tambun @ sen’s hometown

breakfast: binge breakfast while waiting for the latecomers.栄養早餐, banana, 3 TAMBUN biscuits (heh), some kuaci sunflower seed crackers which had a disgusting aftertaste

lunch: ipoh style chicken rice @ on kee (apparently quite famous)

dessert: FUNNY MOUNTAIN tao fu fa (also apparently super famous, but the texture was too jellylike for me). my mum loves the soya bean but i couldn tapau for her because itd go bad if i left it in the car the whole day while we were at the waterpark 😦

snack: one ringgit pack of pineapple
dinner: cantonese style mihun @ damansara hokkien mee, uptown damansara. no picture because i forgot to bring my ipod down.
dessert: JAMBU AIR! which i also lurveee

louie’s back

breakfast: 栄養早餐 i asked my maid to blend in one banana so it will taste like banana milk but today it was chocolatey and she blended the banana in ANYWAY so it was chocolate banana. VOLUME TAPPURI

lunch: sizzling yee-mee @ oasis foodcourt, mv with solomon prince and the two working men ss and king. the picture is tilted and ugly because they were giving me a hard time for taking pics of my food and keeping a food diary >( lol

tea: cranberry scone @ coffee bean by myself 🙂 coffee bean somehow feels more pricey than starbucks, is that true?

dinner: nasi goreng cina (chinese fried rice) but i think id like to name it frigging tasteless fried rice @ the banana leaf, centrepoint with invincible louis, kim and their friend julian. btw thats louis’ phone flashlight lighting up the rice for a better (but still shitty) shot
why is louis invincible? because in the past year he has done it all – scuba diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, you name it. i am so jealous and inspired.
btw i also found out today that X has moved on about 6-8 months ago. all i feel is…. KIASU-NESS honestly T_T