mucho GUSTo

lunch: cocoa oatmeal on top of my laptop aka makeshift table

dinner: nikujaga (japanese potato and meat stew), gobou (burdock root), miso soup and rice

supper: apple and my pathetic corn rice. yeap i used a fork because i was too lazy to wash my spoon. peace
the wind has been howling like CRAZY the whole day.
oh and my sister just turned 26 today! how time flies


breakfast: apple and bok choy salad with yogurt dressing

lunch: rice cooked with corn (2 servings lol) and avocado *heart.
dinner at surabaya, chofu: yeap its ame’s hometown! haha aras works here so we got 20 % off. that and a guava berry fizz and pisang goreng on the house really made my night!

satay plate

gado-gado and bakmi goreng. we also had chicken murtabak and lemongrass fish

this pisang goreng and banana ice cream was just heavenly

hi, my name is sheng and im a breadaholic

brunch: fried some rice with leftover mapo beans/tofu and poached egg

snack: grapefruit

free snack after tuition: haagen daz cream cheese tart ice cream
dinner: avocado and poached egg on toast topped with cheese…
… and kaya toast…
… and another FOUR SLICES OF BREAD. orz
i thought i had overcome my bread addiction. some of u avid followers of my blog would know that i had a mild eating disorder (?) a couple of months ago. i had a phase in which i kept binging on processed carbs and its been a long time since i bought a LOAF of bread off the supermarket shelf. ive only been buying individual buns or mostly just eating at the bakery. today i thought i have finally regained the power to control my bread portions but evidently i was wrong!! because i finished the whole frigging loaf in one sitting ARGHHH WHO DOES THAT?? I DOOOOO lols
never again in the near future.

slug in a cabin

breakfast: cocoa oatmeal

lunch: wanted to make the best out of my 400 yen spent on the commute to tanashi so i packed some sushi last night 🙂 they were all scattered around the box though because i was swinging the bag on the way home lols. but it didn alter the taste one bit! 寿司ロー大好き

dinner: beans and tofu cooked with mapotofu seasoning on rice.


breakfast: random mash (sweet potato, 2 eggs, spinach) with mustard

afternoon snack: grapefruit! i also got bored and nibbled on 2 slices of processed cheese

dinner: SUSHIRO!! ate 7 plates of sushi (salmon, basil cheese salmon, anago, eggplant with minced meat, crab tempura, crab salad, shime saba) and 2 plates of dessert (matcha warabi mochi and less than mediocre chocolate cake) totaling up to 945 yen! my highest record is still 1050 yen


mouchan’s back! *heart. man i guess school is really starting soon huh? -_-
brunch: monjyayaki @ asakusa. went for a short excursion with the ICC gang to take a look around because we will be tourguiding next month

dessert: ningyoyaki! its castella cake with red bean filling. i had 4 of these while walking teehee

lunch: the monjyayaki meal didn fill me up at all because i was starving the whole morning (skipped dinner last night due to exhaustion) so i made a late lunch of yakisoba with spinach and egg!
tv cookie dinner: my dinner consisted fully of mouchan’s souvenir snacks – apple cake + plum cake + choc oreos + strawberry oreos. all these while watching the finale to my fav reality show project runway!! im s00o happy with the final results :))

late-night snack: a whole grapefruit! bought 6 for 398 yen what a good deal! お買い得だ

PS: no i didn eat this but heres a picture of the newly finished – slightly ugly but i kinda like it, it has a very straightforward and unpretentious appeal – TOKYO SKY TREE! i didn realise it was THAT close to asakusa. we could see it from anywhere we were walking today