#54 Reminiscing PB88: Belize City (Port 18)

What is Peace Boat?


  • Date: 2015/10/26
  • Port Name: Belize City
  • Country: Belize
  • First time there?: Yes!
  • What did I do?: Interpreting for a snorkeling tour

We took a boat out to a popular snorkeling spot then had lunch at an uninhabited island. It was one of the most hilarious interpreting experiences I had because I wasn’t an expert in fish and coral reef terms, let alone knowing these very specific terms in Japanese. Also the timing was very tricky because whenever a cool fish showed up, the guide needed to come up to the surface to give us information about it and by that time I would’ve lost my visual reference. After 20 minutes or so of trying, I think most people just gave up trying to listen to the guide and me and just floated away enjoying their own time. The water was clean and clear but I don’t remember seeing much impressive fish or coral, but this was perhaps because I was just too occupied and/or stressed.


After the snorkeling trip we still had a few hours to kill so we hung out at the jetty and parts of the city for wifi time and a supermarket run respectively. I remember feeling like we were stepping into a shady area once we went beyond the wall (?) separating the jetty area and the city area. This was in contrast to the jetty side with several cute cafes and shops catered to tourists and an unobstructed view of the beautiful ocean. Its’s like allowing us outsiders to visit the place “just as we like it” aka only enjoying the bright and shiny side whereas its real but darker side which, no question, is full of beautiful people and authentic culture was just a few steps away.

Painted train tracks. Doesn’t this look like it could be Malaysia?


Postcard for the family:


Next port: Panama City!

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