end of junior year

breakfast: vege juice

lunch: another Chia Te pineapple cake

dinner after finals: もつ鍋!@土風炉、高田馬場。From left: Scallops sauted in butter, some pizza with a weird mochi-like texture but still yummy, and beef gizzard hotpot. The gizzard wasn’t my idea because I’m not a fan of animal internal organs (except 牛タン cow tongue but you can’t hardly classify that as internal, can you?) and gizzards/giblets/offal/whatever the correct word for もつ is are soooo chewy and rubbery bleugh but it was 2 against 1. So I ended up eating mostly vege from the hotpot. The soy-sauce based soup was really tasty though. And oily as well.

Here’s a graphic picture of the organs for you:

Second round of drinks. This was called “Fruit Pop”, a fizzy cocktail drink with bits of fruit inside – basically Sangria but it was very very mild -_-

I love this picture. My iphone’s flash randomly worked and Jyunshi was totally caught off guard. She’s normally very pretty FYI hehe.

I did it!! It’s another end of another semester. I’m officially no longer a junior now. Yonetsu took a class picture for all of us today because our Soil Mechanics paper was the last required subject paper which means it was probably the last time all 94 of us are gathered in the same room (besides graduation). I’m so excited to see the picture but it seems like he hasn’t uploaded it yet! Oh by the way there’re probably around 85 of us now because 4 went away for a year-long study abroad so they will graduate a year after us and a few either unfortunately dropped out or have moved on to a better place 東大とか。東工大とか。まあよく分からないけど。

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